Bigg Boss 13 Written Update October 26, 2019: Two New Wild Card Contestants Vikas Pathak And Tehseen Poonawalla Join The Show

Shefali Bagga has been the following in Salman's record.  Salman said her hurtful remarks in the direction of Shehnaz.  Even the howt questioned Shefali when she's some to offer a personality certification to Shehnaz and mentioned it is unsatisfactory a woman does not admire any lady.  He later explained that Shehnaz failed to excite Siddharth Dey by touching him throughout the endeavor.  Salman additionally said Shefali's announcement that she'll leave your home said that"it's not going to take just two minutes to throw" out her from the home.
The second in Salman's success record was Shehnaz Gill and inquired the way exactly she could mistreat muchbetter.  For this particular, Shehnaz explained she is aware a large amount of swear words try to restrain himself all this moment; point.  She later apologised into Shefali Bagga because of the blunders.  Sticking to Paras,'' Salman Khan requested him exactly what will be his dilemma with all the series and also the sponsor.  Paras strove to shield himself said he would be the most important lover of Salman Khan.  For the particular, Salman said his announcement'Salman sir K-A chik chik bahut ho raha hai' and he does not worry concerning Paras' comment concerning him.  Salman afterward mentioned he would like to depart the series but concerns sponsor it annually because he still knows the way exactly to manage contestants for example him.  Salman also affirmed Asim and mentioned Paras has ever specific him even called him'saand K-A jhund.'  Salman Khan informed Paras that his fate is in their handson.
For people who were unable to see Bigg chef 1 3 final week, then following is a fast recap - that the contestants acquired to awful verbal and physical struggles throughout the'Snake and Ladder' action and passed on derogatory opinions against eachother.  Finding its way straight back into the saturday and sunday K-A Vaar incident, Salman very first reprimanded Siddharth Shukla and requested him why he believes himself whilst the most powerful if he could not actually withstand the terms from the Bigg chef jail.  In addition, he lent his dad Salim Khan's information that rage can be just a fantastic factor and thing would be that the oddest thing in the whole world.  He instructed me his behaviour in the direction of women throughout actions and struggles are equally foolish, competitive and erroneous.
New Delhi: The previous incident of Weekend K-A Vaar incident of Bigg chef 1 3 was exactly about confessions, grievances and crazy entries, wherever the contestants had been broiled from the sponsor Salman Khan.

At the second segment probably the very interesting Sur-prise came where by Salman Khan released the most crazy card contestants about this series.  He encouraged wild card entrance Vikas Pathak, who's famous as Hindustani Bhau on societal networking.  After going into the series, Vikas explained he had been also a Sanjay Dutt admirer and recited a number of the dialogues.  In addition, he gave the contestants nick-names like chana masala (Mahira), dukhi aatma (Rashami) and several others similar to that.  Salman later on introduced instant wildcard entrance Tehseen Poonawalla and stated he is likely to undoubtedly be a pioneer at your home to create inhouse conflicts appear good onscreen.

The high lights of this Diwali exclusive incident ended up Salman Khan scolding Siddharth Dey, Paras and also Shefali Baga to his or her violent remarks and impolite behaviour in addition to both wildcard entrances over this series.  Whilst the series commenced, Salman Khan advised that the contestants with their"power-packed" struggles, they've put the Video industry onto flame.  He also remarked that everybody else is"pleased" of these ns educated them which the very first finale will occur in a week and a half them are going to leave your home.
Salman 1 gave a lesson for most of the contestants who were participated in aggressive and violent behaviour weekly.  The Particular ones at the record were all Paras, Siddharth Dey and also Shefali.

 After he schooled him comment that Shehnaz was spit from Paras,'' Siddharth Dey defended himself said,"An individual's no longer is additionally no."  This abandoned Salman Khan mad and also he cried in him.  Salman subsequently chose Rashami and she consistently aims just 1 man - Siddharth Shukla.  He also asked the contestants to restrain their mood and activities from your home.  Up Coming, Salman Khan Launched Previous contestants Urvashi Dholakia along with Sana Khan.  Urvashi states that they certainly were sant.  Salman states he located them sant on initially moment.  Even the duo split the house-mates to two groups and also gave them an activity to embellish 5 diyas and make a candy dish.  Sana's workforce won and also got a talent hamper.

Salman stopped the incident over a great notice and intimated into the contestants that there are going to not be a flooding this moment; point.  In addition, he disclosed the Bigg chef finale will occur on January 1 2.

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