Grab your dictionaries as Shashi Tharoor takes up stand-up comedy

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Congress MP Shashi Tharoor is set to get a new role in life.  The prior diplomat, that is a huge prosperous writer and whose rich British language often has men and women scurrying to its dictionary, is currently within the feeling to offer standup humor a shot.  Tharoor makes his introduction at the world of humor with"a single Mic Stand", a comedy series streaming to the OTT stage Amazon Prime.  Tharoor's incident will premiere on November 15.
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The preview clip gained around 217,000 views on Twitter in about six hours to be posted.  The show"One Mic Stand" pits five actors contrary to five professional comedians in front of a live audience.  Tharoor goes up against comic Kunal Kamra.
Tharoor not long ago took to social media to announce his or her foray in to the world of humor, and share a 55-second sneak glimpse of his gig.  "Sneak preview of a moment of my standup humor act (it does get better later!)"  Wrote @ShashiTharoor on Twitter, along side the trailer clip which he published.
 The 4 additional comedians include Sapan Verma, Rohan Joshi, Angad Singh Ranyal, and Ashish Shakya.

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